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    About AliExpress

    AliExpress is an online shopping wholesale marketplace featuring the world’s largest business to business marketplace. With the largest and widest selection of millions of products in 40 different categories including fashion, electronics, furniture, toys, bags, accessories you’re bound to find what you’re looking for. The best part? You can purchase these products from absolutely anywhere without having to wait on line. With thousands of sellers you’re bound to find the product that you enjoy most for an extremely affordable price, especially if you use the AliExpress voucher and discount codes to save even more on your purchases! Get your savings started today with Coupon Dash.
    AliExpress Shopping Guide
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    AliExpress Coupons

    More Information about AliExpress

    AliExpress: Buy Safe

    AliExpress is an online shopping marketplace where wholesalers sell their items between one another. Users who sell their products and purchase products are the most important aspect of the company because they are the business. The company simply supplies the platform for buyers and sellers. This is why it is important to mention the importance of buying safety. One of the most common issues when purchasing online is counterfeit products. They unfortunately exist because sellers wish to deceive buyers into thinking they have an authentic product they really don’t have. The result, the seller is able to take the buyers money and the buyer is left with nothing but a counterfeited product. The main question here is how can this type of transaction be stopped and changed? The answer is simple through Buyer Protection, but here are some tips to check out before you make your final purchase on AliExpress:

    1. Use Star Ratings: Purchasing items from strangers can seem like a very scary task or not? I mean you’re purchasing from someone you have never met before, how can you trust someone like this? Especially since you are paying for a good, you should know what you’re getting, but how can this fear be conquered? The simple answer is through a unique rating system that can rank every member through experiences they have had with users within the community. The first thing you should do before anything is to research your seller or buyer to find out how they have been within the community and what others in the community think of the good that he/she provided. This is simply done by clicking on the diamond symbol in the sold by section, and then you will be able to see complete Seller Feedback.
      This section is broken into 3 different sections Seller Summary, Detailed Seller Ratings, and Feedback History. The first section of Seller Summary tells the buyer the sellers name, positive feedback (in last 6 months), feedback score numerically as well as symbols, and the date you joined the company. The 2nd section describes the detailed seller ratings based on three general categories including Item as Described, Communication, and Shipping Speed all of which are ranked out of 5 stars. Right of these categories and rankings are percentages which show how much the seller is ranked over the average seller in the community. Finally the 3rd section talks about the Feedback History overall then in monthly segments of after 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 12, months and overall.
      This gives insight to what the seller’s Feedback was over these time periods (4-5 stars, 3 stars, 1-2 stars) and their positive feedback rate. One of the most important aspects is that each review comes with a date so you will always be able to see when the review was given. Taking all these general factors into consideration also make sure to look at the frequency of the purchases as if frequency is consistent and high it is a good sign whereas it would be a bad sign if the seller sold a lot at one point and had a 6 month drop off (Red Flag). When looking at the product reviews make sure to pick detailed ones as effective reviews speak in a great detail about their product.

    2. Speak with Seller: One great thing to do if you’re unsure about the product is simply contact the seller before making your purchase. Instead of going through all the hassle afterwards with the seller why not clear everything up beforehand? Ask all the questions you would like to know regarding the item, including quality of material, warranty, refund policy. Ask some questions about the product to see how well the seller knows his product because a good seller should be able to talk in a large amount of detail and know what they’re talking about without having to push you to buy the product. When speaking with the seller make sure not to give out any personal information.

    3. Trust Your Instincts:
      Whenever you do your online shopping be certain to trust your instincts. If the offer seems too good to be true that is probably because it is. Everything in this store is made to look authentic and real but unfortunately it is not. So if a brand you know is very expensive is selling very cheaply be very careful because it is most likely a fake counterfeited product. If you were to unfortunately have any kind of situation with a counterfeited product you are protected under the Buyer Protection and would be eligible to receive back everything you paid for the item.
      Now that you’re an expert with online shopping make sure to really know all your sellers. As we know AliExpress is a reputable company but the quality of sellers is not always consistent. Therefore do your research, have fun, and stay safe!

    Example of AliExpress Coupons

    AliExpress is a leader in e-commerce giving customers the opportunity to sell and purchase goods from another for affordable prices. Below you can see some fantastic promotions that have been offered:

    Amazing Cyber Week Deals Up To 67% Off Selected Items

    Up To 95% Off Selected Bracelets And Bangles

    Women's Coats From $3

    Mobile Phone Cables From $1

    The search is always ongoing at to get you the best promo codes and coupons available. If you are not able to find what you would like make sure to check out our other coupons and promo codes for Ebay, Best Buy, and Amazon.

    How to Redeem AliExpress Coupons

    Here is your go to guide for redeeming coupons and promo codes

    1. Click on the coupon you would like to use when making your purchase at AliExpress

    2. Copy the promo code that appears in a small box when you have clicked on the green box

    3. Now you'll be automatically transferred through to AliExpress website where you can shop for whatever you would like!

    4. After you are finished making your selection you need to press shopping cart next to the search bar to checkout where you will transferred to a payment webpage.

    5. Seen Below: you paste the code you copied in step 2 to receive your discount! and finish paying!

    6. Enjoy your Savings from


    Why is Confirming your Order Important?

    • Confirming your order is the most important part of the entire buying process. You're confirming that the package you have received is what you have ordered, in good condition, and that the seller has been honest and not scammed the buyer. When you press on confirm order this is when the money is actually released to the buyer. AliExpress holds the money until the buyer confirms and then it is transferred to the seller. This is extremely helpful to both parties as it protects both parties from any kind of negative experience.

    How do I Confirm That I Have Received My Order?

    1. Sign into your my AliExpress account. Then click on transactions, and choose Goods Awaiting Acceptance.

    2. Now choose the order that you wish to confirm and click view details and then confirm order, if you're satisfied with product.

    3. Finally when you click confirm your payment will be released to seller.

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    Archived AliExpress Coupon Codes

    IssuedCode DescriptionCode
    10/13/17Up to 51% off Selected ItemsNo Code Required
    10/12/17Up To 90% Off Jewelry itemsNo Code Required
    10/12/17Up To 50% Off Kids Clothing ItemsNo Code Required
    10/5/17Men's Sports Watches From $1No Code Required
    10/5/17Women's Hoodies And Sweatshirts From $2No Code Required
    9/28/17Women's Wallets From $1No Code Required
    9/21/17Mobile Screen Protectors From $1No Code Required
    9/3/17Up To 92% Off WatchesNo Code Required
    8/31/17Men's Jackets From $2No Code Required