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Coats and their various seasons

Coats are an extremely important part of any wardrobe and something that can make or break your outfit. Wear the right jacket and you will be feeling great in terms of comfort and quality but where the wrong one and you won’t feel good and even get ill. So how should you choose your coat? What does it come down to in terms of size, type, and what it will be used for? Well Appleseeds has the perfect perspective for customers as they supply a Coat Buying Guide which will help you make the right choice when purchasing your coat. There are three different methods for choosing a coat described by Appleseeds as type of fabric, types of Insulation, and what will it be used for. If you purchase the right one and the coat is taken care of it can be a fantastic investment that can last customers a lifetime. So lets start by finding the right coat for you! :

Types of Fabric

Coats offer two types of fabrics including wool and microfleece, both of which different types of products for customers.


Wool jackets for women have many positives including flame retardant, shape retention, resistance to static, drapability, etc. The wool jacket is used all year round but mostly in colder temperatures. The most common place where wool is found is winter jackets, men’s suits, pants hat, and insulation layers. The insulation layer refers to the fact that with a wool jacket customers have a layer which is next to the skin and therefore regulates and maintains body temperature. A perfect example for this would be a Boiled Wool Jacket


Microfleece provides the warmth for all different conditions. The fabric of the jacket is extremely lightweight and well insulated. The material dries much quicker than wool weighs much less in comparison to wool. The one issue the jackets have according to customers is they are wind penetrate able and are not as compactable compared to other fabrics. There are also three different types of types of microfleece including lightweight, mid-weight or expedition weight. Lightweight is the perfect weight for aerobic or mild temperatures, mid-weight is for moderate activity and expedition weight is for extremely cold temperatures and climates.

Types of Insulation


Known as nature’s best insulator it is the warmest for the least amount of weight. The one issue with this is don’t get it wet!

Water-Repellent Down

Created to withstand light moisture but it is unable to get soaked.

Sythetic Materials

Very reliable traditional material but does not perform as well as Down.


This is a great piece of layering but is usually is used as a middle layer but can be used as an outside layer.

What will the jacket be used for?


How will you exactly use the jacket? How many zippers will you use and would it bother the customer if the jacket did not fully zip up? The fit is also another important aspect as you must determine how it fits. You should try different sizes in order to test what is best and decided if you would like a hood or not. Hoods also define what jacket you would like to have as hoods are only available on certain jackets.

Example of Appleseeds Coupons

Appleseeds is able to offer its niche customers comfortable classic clothing that never becomes timeless. With such a combination of comfort and unique design who would not want to wear the clothes? Accompanied by various strong brands Appleseeds has provided customers the ultimate clothing experience. Check below for some fantastic coupons and promo codes:

15% Off First Order With Appleseed's Credit Card

Up to 30% off Autumn Arrivals Plus Extra 20% Off

$20 Off Orders Over $100

20% Off One Item

If you're unable to find any of the items you were looking for dont be disheartened make sure to check out other alternatives including Kohls, Sears, Amazon, and L.L Bean.

How to Redeem Appleseeds Copons

  1. Make sure to click on the green link under the coupon or promo code you wish to use.

  2. A pop up box will appear which will have the code available for you. Make sure to copy this code as you will need it when receiving your discount.

  3. You will automatically be redirected to the Appleseeds website where you can continue making your selection of items which you wish to purchase.

  4. When you are finished making your selection of items click checkout at the top right of the screen and proceed to checkout screen.

  5. Below you can see when you arrive at the checkout page you will see a box stating Promotion Code, copy the code from step 2 and click apply.

  6. Proceed with your payment method for your items and enjoy your savings with CouponDash



Do you ship internationally?

Appleseeds do ship internationally through the partner of Borderfree. This allows customer to have an excellent amount of international shopping experience with a large support base of staff. Products are shown on the website in local currency of where you are shopping from, order totals, and in-expensive international shipping. If any questions come to mind you can call Appleseeds customer service at 1-1800-546-4554. The international shipping is calculated by Appleseeds but if you need any more information read Appleseeds International Shipping Page .

How expensive is shipping?

Shipping charges depend on what the customer buys and for how much. Standard shipping takes around 3-8 days and costs different prices seen below:

Contact Details

  1. Appleseed's Customer Care 1
  2. 00 Murray Drive Warren
  3. PA 16368
  4. United States
  1. 1-800-546-4554

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    • 12/7/17
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    • 20% off Next Order When You Sign Up
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    • Free Shipping on Orders Over $75
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    • 11/30/17
    • 10% off Holiday Gourmet Food Gifts
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    • 11/26/17
    • Up to 84% off Women's Bottoms
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