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$10 off Any Order

Purchase top quality mobiles, cases, screen protectors and more for a reduced price from this merchant.

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$10 off Any Order When You Sign Up

Subscribe to Cellular Country and get your purchases for a reduction in price.

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Up to 60% off Verizon Phones

Buy the latest collection of Samsung, Motorolla cellphones and more for a marvelous discounted price from Cellular Country.

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Up to 76% off Apple iPod Cases and Covers

Protect your iPod from breakages and scratches by buying these top quality cases and covers for a great discounted price.

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25% off Accessories

Enter the given code and purchase screen protectors, cases and more for a discounted price from Cellular Country.

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Up to 73% off Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Wallets

Browse Cellular Country to purchase these wallets with safety straps, bumpers, flip cases to safeguard your mobile for a fabulous discounted price.

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Up to 67% off iPhones

Buy these iPhones which keep you entertained, working, and playing all the day long for a great discounted price from Cellular Country.

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Up to 76% off HTC Wallets

Purchase these wallets with safety straps, bumpers, flip cases to safeguard your mobile for a massively discounted price.

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Up to 45% off Samsung Cell Phones

Purchase these latest technology Samsung cell phones for a fabulous discounted price from Cellular Country.

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10% off Any Order

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Cell Phones

Cell phones in today’s world have become an extremely important commodity. Communication has rapidly improved through the use of cell phones and has become widely accepted in pop culture. In addition to allowing customers to communicate through text messaging and calling certain cell phone models allows customers to use the internet, download applications, take pictures, and even provide directions. At Cellular Country you will be able to purchase many different models of cell phones with different specifications and conditioning. Shop the impressive collection of phones and learn about the different products you can choose from below:

Locked vs Unlocked Phones

Before making a choice for your phone it is important to know the differences between a cell phone which locked and a cell phone which is unlocked. It is important to know this because you can then learn about which phone is the correct phone for you. A locked phone is a cell phone that is tied to one specific carrier and therefore cannot be used on any other wireless network providers. In comparison a factory unlocked phone and unlocked phone can be used with a SIM card on any network. Before you purchase your cell phone make sure to check if they are factory unlocked or unlocked because there is a massive difference that can save you massive heartbreak. When you purchase a factory unlocked phone know that you’re receiving a phone from the carrier or retailer directly. So say you’re purchasing a factory unlocked IPhone 7 you’ll receive the product directly from Apple who have unlocked the product for the customer.

When you purchase a phone that is simply unlocked you’re taking a higher risk because they have been unlocked by a third party and not directly by a known carrier or retailer. The phone is unlocked through removing normal carrier restriction through special software. Although this may be suspect to many customers this is completely legal process. Cellular carriers do not want their customers to switch do not want their customers to change their plans when they switch to other carriers. Depending on the model and type of the phone there are various ways to unlock it with software. When these phones are finally unlocked they can be used with any SIM on any network.

Benefits of an Unlocked Phone

Unlocking a cell phone can be an absolute game changer. There are numerous benefits to unlocking your phone such as the ability to leave a carrier whenever you would like. The many other benefits for having an unlocked phone are listed below:

  • Saving On Roaming Charges Abroad:
    Using your cell phone abroad can become a very expensive and stressful ordeal. This is exactly why most customers choose to use a GSM phone when traveling abroad so that they are able to avoid paying high roaming charges. Just simply go to any store or airport in the country you are visiting and purchase a SIM card of your choosing. Whether you’re on business trip for a week, a 4 month journey through India, or a week in Europe on vacation or any other visit to a country or area you will be able to make cheaper phone calls and send cheaper text messages and use the internet. This also allows customers to purchase phones for other people who may not be able to purchase and use the device in their home country.

  • Ability to Modify Phone:
    When you have a locked phone you as a user are not able to make changes to your phone whenever you want. An example of this would be the Windows Phone where users if the phone is locked only have the ability to install applications on the Windows Phone Marketplace from geographic specific regions. So for example users from the United States would not be able to purchase any apps in the Windows Phone Marketplace from Asia, Europe or any other place besides the United States region. When the app becomes unlocked the user is given the ultimate ability to make modifications to their phone in whatever way they choose. This can range from adding any app from any region, modifying software, or removing any of the carrier specific software so if you were a user of T-Mobile you could change the carrier software. This is still different from jail breaking a phone which completely uninstalls all software of the provider on your phone, giving you full control of your phone.

  • Resell at a Higher Value:
    When you own an unlocked phone you’ll be able to sell your phone for significantly higher sum than a locked phone. Aside from having all the benefits mentioned above, the customer will be able to sell to another customer on any network for any phone. People are more likely as well to purchase phones which are unlocked because people who switch phones often are always looking for new phones making the sale a quick one. When you have made the sale of the phone you as the customer will be able to purchase a new phone of your choosing. No matter what you do it is a win win situation for the seller.

Example of Cellular Country Coupons

Cellular Country offers customers with everything in cell phones and cell phone accessories. With years of experience offering a fantastic variety of brands including Verizon Wireless, Sprint, Sony, LG, HTC, and Motorola. why would you trust any other brand for your cell phone and cell phone accessories? Make the best choice and choose Cellular Country for all your cell phone needs and check out some of the fantastic promotions available below and save massively at CouponDash:

  • Up To 62% Off Motorola Mobiles

  • Up To 59% Off Selected Sprint Phones

  • 5% Off Orders Over $100

  • $10 Off Your Order Over $100 When You Sign Up

At Coupondash.com we are constantly striving to get you customers the best coupons & discount codes that are available. So don't miss out on any more of these fantastic coupons and start your savings today!

How to Redeem Cellular Country Coupons

  1. Choose the coupon or promo code you would like to use when making your purchase

  2. When you click on the code make sure to copy the code in the small green box as you will need it for your discount on your purchase.

  3. From there you will be automatically transferred to Cellular Country's website where you can continue making your selection of merchandise.

  4. When you have finally finished making your selection of merchandise click the shopping cart at the top right of the screen and then click checkout.

  5. Once you have clicked on checkout you will be transferred to the checkout page where you will click on apply a promo code box and enter the code from step 2 and click apply.

  6. Once you are finished supplying this information follow steps to check out and enjoy your purchase and your savings with Coupondash.


What does phone come with?

All phones that you order will come in a sturdy box with a complimentary wall charger and phone battery.

Is there a guarantee on the phone?

If you’re not happy with the purchase of your merchandise then a return is possible within 30 days of purchase. The customer will be issued a replacement at no extra cost to make sure that the customers are satisfied.

Contact Details

  1. Address
  2. Cellular Country
  3. 7272 Saturn Drive Suite P,
  4. Huntington Beach, CA 92647
  5. United States of America
  1. Telephone
  2. 1-866-951-2355

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    • 2/16/18
    • Up to 80% off Screen Protectors
    • *******
    • 2/16/18
    • Up to 65% off Motorola Phones
    • *******
    • 2/16/18
    • Up to 56% off HTC Cell Phones
    • *******
    • 2/9/18
    • Up to 76% off iPhone 8 Accessories
    • *******
    • 2/5/18
    • $10 off All Orders
    • *******
    • 2/5/18
    • $10 off Phones Over $100
    • *******
    • 2/2/18
    • Up to 48% off iPhones
    • *******
    • 2/2/18
    • Up to 76% off HTC Wallets
    • *******
    • 2/1/18
    • Up to 45% off Samsung Cell Phones
    • *******