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Microsoft's Mission

Microsoft’s main goal is to create perfect accessibility for every person on the planet. With over 1.2 billion people facing disabilities in today’s world, Microsoft is trying more and more to make the world perfectly accessible. No one product should leave the user without an experience where they have not been able to properly use a device. Therefore Microsoft has created some of the most advanced technological products that exist within today’s market. These products included but are not limited to Xbox One, Microsoft Surface Pro, Windows Smartphones, Microsoft Surface Book and Microsoft Office.

Xbox One

The Xbox one is a home video gaming console developed by Microsoft bringing you the best and latest in the video gaming world. Not only does it give you the ability to play amazing high resolution games of any kind but you can watch Blu-ray, DVD’s and CD’s all with the Xbox One from the comfort of your home or wherever you go. If you wanted you could even roam the internet in addition to watching television. That’s right watching television isn’t technology amazing? Even the Kinect 2.0 offers an amazing user experience where you can actually become a part of the game you are playing. There’s nothing better than playing volleyball at the beach with friends and family in your living room. These opportunities are all created by the wonderful technological design of the Xbox One.For further information on the games available for Xbox One and on the system itself make sure to visit Xbox One.

Microsoft Surface Pro

Where would the world be without tablets? Computers are always the case that they seem so heavy to carry. Smartphones although portable and easy to use are sometimes too small to do the things someone wants to do. So what’s the perfect solution you ask? A Microsoft Surface Pro! Some users would like the device to be portable, light, and accessible all which the Microsoft Surface Pro tablet is. This is an absolutely ideal device for everyone as it uses windows operating system something which many users are very familiar with. Another enjoyable feature of the Microsoft Surface Pro is the Surface Pen which makes it so easy to write and complete tasks on the tablet. So if you’re a person who does not want the size of a laptop to carry around or the smaller sized smart phone than make sure to pick up a Microsoft Surface Pro tablet. For more information make sure to check out the TechRadar Review .

Example of Microsoft Coupons

Microsoft's stores are highly effective in helping consumers all around the world making the right decisions when it comes to purchasing a tablet, PC, etc. Therefore why not make another informed decision with our wonderful coupons and promo codes listed below:

$150 Off Selected Surface Book Devices For Students

$100 Off Selected Dell XPS 13PCs

Up To $500 Off Gaming PCs

Up To $250 Off Selected All In Ones And Desktops


Always striving to find the best coupons and promo codes for customers is our goal at but if you're unable to find what you're looking for make sure to check out other coupons and promo codes at Dell, Amazon, ebay and Best Buy.

How to Redeem Microsoft Coupons

  1. Click onto the coupon or discount code which you wish to use with your purchase of Microsoft merchandise

  2. Copy the code in the small box that appears when clicking on the coupon or discount code.

  3. Visit the Microsoft Store and select all the items which you wish to purchase.

  4. When you are finished selecting all the products you wish to purchase press the shopping cart at the top right where you will continue to your shopping basket.

  5. When you get to the shopping basket click on the enter a promo code link where you will then copy the coupon or discount code from step 1.

  6. Finally press checkout and pay and enjoy your new products with massive savings through


How do you download and install Windows 10 onto my device?

  1. First create and login onto your Microsoft account.

  2. From there in the menu select the option digital content

  3. From that menu search for the Windows 10 copy that was purchased and then click on download.

  4. Follow the instruction to complete the installation

  5. Remember to enter the product key in the installation which is located in digital content tab in your account

With what devices are Microsoft products compatible?

Office 365 and Office 2016 supports all computers who have Windows 7 or later installed in addition to Mac's running OSX 10.10 and later. For requirements for other devices such as smartphones and tablets check out Microsoft System Requirements .

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  1. 1 Microsoft Way,
  2. Redmond, WA 98052,
  3. United States
  1. 1-877-696-7786

Archived Microsoft Coupon Codes

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    • 12/4/17
    • Surface Pro 5 for $799
    • *******
    • 12/4/17
    • Up to $1000 off Laptops
    • *******
    • 11/30/17
    • 35% off Refurbished Surface Book
    • *******
    • 11/27/17
    • Fabulous Cyber Monday Offer $200 off Surface Laptops
    • *******
    • 11/27/17
    • 51% off Microsoft Surface Pro Arizona Cardinals Type Cover
    • *******
    • 11/23/17
    • Amazing Black Friday Offer $150 off Dell Gaming Laptop
    • *******
    • 11/23/17
    • Great Black Friday Offer $329 off Surface Pro Bundle
    • *******
    • 11/23/17
    • $100 off PC and Windows Mixed Reality Headset
    • *******
    • 11/20/17
    • Up to $53 off Selected Xbox Games
    • *******