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Kick-start Your Healthy Lifestyle

Keeping healthy is extremely important as it not only allows you to feel good but it helps you maintain a healthy weight, reduce risk of chronic diseases and promote your overall health. The most difficult question that many ask is how can someone maintain a healthy lifestyle? The easily done through the weight watchers program because you should enjoy a life that is full of delicious food, good health, and surrounded by people you love. The weight watchers program works in three simple steps. Start with giving food value as SmartPoints are based on calories, protein, sugar, and saturated fat. With SmartPoints you can help yourself make the best choices that you can while maintaining control over your budget and what you are eating. When you have eaten something simply keep track in the app and stick to your budget and you’ll be seeing results in absolutely no time. Secondly every move counts so earn FitPoints for doing any kind of fitness activity including walking, cleaning, gardening, running etc. Simply take any fitness device and sync it directly to the Weight Watchers app. Finally with an I can attitude you’ll be able to motivate yourself and keep up with your fitness regimen and inform other community members of your fantastic successes. With an amazing supportive community you will never feel alone because everything can be shared with one another.

Weight Watchers Plans

Before you achieve any of your FitPoints and SmartPoints make sure to choose the weight watchers plan that is best for you. Every plan comes with its own features and structures so finding the correct plan is essential. Check out the 3 plans listed below:


Although the most basic Weight Watchers program, it offers the customer the necessities essential for success. As the perfect plan for self-starters this allows the customer a large amount of flexibility for how they would like to create their perfect fitness regimen. The plan will provide customers the opportunity to plan for healthy living which is done through food and activity tracking, and personalized goals all which are made digitally available to the customer. Start getting your SmartPoints and FitPoints through digital and mobile tools now and embrace the wonderful change in healthy lifestyle you’re making. Don’t forget no matter what program you are involved in Weight Watchers will never leave you on your own. Take advantage of the 24/7 chat available and speak to trained specialists about your diet and fitness regimen or any other questions you may have about your fitness program. If you were to sign up for the OnlinePlus program for a time period of 3 months you would be paying $3.84 a week whereas if you would only pay for one month you’d be paying $4.61 a week. Make sure to grab a coupon or promo code before purchasing your fitness plan to save massively.

OnlinePlus + Meetings

If you believe the digital content from OnlinePlus does not meet your expectations in terms of results or motivation don’t worry. With the addition of Meetings to OnlinePlus you can spend a bit more monthly but have the benefit of receiving guidance and motivation from a trained individual who has been in your shoes and is 100% dedicated to helping you lose weight in addition to all the other members of the Weight Watchers community. The advantage of Meetings offers not only weekly group meetings and guidance from trained leaders but additionally weekly private weigh ins, Guidebooks and printed materials. To find the best location for your meetings simply use the Find a Meeting Tool . Meeting usually take around 30-45 minutes including the private weigh ins which are completely confidential. If you’re worried about fitting into a specific meeting group or need a different time or date don’t worry simply change the meeting to whenever you’re available. If you were to sign up for the Meeting program for a time period of 3 months you would be paying $10.77 a week whereas if you would only pay for one month you’d be paying $12.61 a week. Make sure to grab a coupon or promo code before purchasing your fitness plan to save massively.

So what are you waiting for? Meet a community of people that share similar goals and desires and share success stories with one another. Get involved and sign up now classes fill up quickly!

OnlinePlus + Coaching

If you believe the digital content from OnlinePlus does not meet your expectations in terms of results or motivation don’t worry there is a third alternative to the Meeting plan and OnlinePlus plan which is the Coaching Plan. Are you a person who enjoys more one on one individual and exclusive training sessions where everything is tailored to your needs? With the Personal Coaching Plan you’ll get the motivation and tailored fitness plan you need to succeed and right from the privacy of your home. Exclusively only available to Personal Coaching Plan are features including choosing a dedicated coach of your choice, Unlimited 1 to 1 phone sessions, Personalized action plans, and personalized skill training. If you were to sign up for the Personal Coaching program for a time period of 3 months you would be paying $10.77 a week whereas if you would only pay for one month you’d be paying $12.69 a week. Make sure to grab a coupon or promo code before purchasing your fitness plan to save massively.

Guidelines before Starting

Before choosing a Weight Watchers plan or purchasing merchandise customers are asked to read the regulations before starting. Important conditions to take notice of are listed below:
  1. You must weigh at least 5 pounds more than the minimum weight and height according to the Weight Watchers Healthy Weight Ranges.
  2. You cannot be pregnant while using Weight Watchers products or plans
  3. You may not have an active medical diagnosis of bulimia nervosa

Example of Weight Watchers Coupons

Weight Watchers offers customers everything in weight loss and weight loss maintenance with various plans and products. With countless years of experience and success stories including those of Jennifer Hudson, Jenny McCarthy, Charles Barkley and Jessica Simpson why would you trust any other brand for your weight loss plans and products? Make the best choice and choose Weight Watchers for all your speciality weight programs and check out some of the fantastic promotions available below and save massively at CouponDash:

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  2. When you click on the code make sure to copy the code in the small green box as you will need it for your discount on your purchase.

  3. From there you will be automatically transferred to Weight Watchers website where you can continue making your selection of merchandise.

  4. When you have finally finished making your selection of merchandise click the shopping cart at the top right of the screen and then click checkout.

  5. Once you have clicked on checkout you will be transferred to the checkout page where you will click on apply a promo code box and enter the code from step 2 and click apply.

  6. Once you are finished supplying this information follow steps to check out and enjoy your purchase and your savings with Coupondash.


What payment methods are accepted by Weight Watchers?

Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and PayPal are acceptable payment methods at Weight Watchers. Any other forms of payment will not be accepted.

How can I find the SmartPoints value of food and drinks on food and drinks?

The easiest and best way to find all the different values for food and drinks is to check out the Weight Watchers Mobile app. If you’re unable to find it there try the 24/7 Expert Chat who will more than willing to answer questions you may have.

Contact Details

  1. Weight Watchers International, Inc.
  2. 11 Madison Avenue 17th Floor
  3. New York, NY 10010
  4. United States of America
  1. 1-800-651-6000
    Customer Service
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    • 11/21/17
    • Join for $1
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    • 11/21/17
    • 30% off Selected Weight Loss 3-Month Subscription Plans
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    • 11/20/17
    • Free Shipping on Orders Over $75
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    • 11/14/17
    • Up to 85% off Selected Plans
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    • 11/6/17
    • Up to 35% off Weight Watchers Meetings Plus with onlineplus
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    • 11/4/17
    • 15% off Chocolate Products
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    • 10/31/17
    • $5 off Orders Over $70
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    • 10/23/17
    • 33% off 1-on-1 Coaching When You Buy Selected Subscription Plans
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    • 10/23/17
    • 33% off OnlinePlus When You Buy Selected Subscription Plans
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